Science Standards by State

In 2005, each state's science standards were graded from 0-100 percent by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute. Specific recommendations were made for each state. See the data here.

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Science Leadership

National Chief Technology Officer (CTO): new position being considered by the Obama administration, designed to open up the executive branch and various departments, as well as advise the President on technology-related issues across many fields of science, engineering, health, and education.

Office of Technological Assessment (OTA): a nonpartisan study group, defunded in 1995, which advised Congress on science, technology, and engineering issues. There is a movement to re-establish the OTA with an added emphasis on citizen interaction: both informing the public on technical topics and encouraging input from and development of citizen science organizations.

Map of Science Controversies

I have done my best to research conflicts about evolution, the Big Bang, and other well-established scientific concepts. A red pin indicates a statewide controversy, other pins indicate a district or county controversy (Note that Hawaii and Alaska also have pins).
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