Palpable Video

Make multimedia mash-ups by combining videos with slides, maps, and outlines. You can make more advanced choose-your-adventure programs, actor profiles, and search tools.


(see screenshots)

Uses the Google Earth Plugin API to show planned building projects and GIS data. Users can paint pins, lines, and quadrilateral shapes onto the 3D Earth. Any comment can be clicked to show the view, model settings, and drawn shapes when the comment was made.

Comment on Change

(see screenshots)

Uses Facebook Connect for users to leave comments with their social network profile as their identity. A previous version of this program hid strangers' comments, but this version highlights comments from friends. Proof of concept that I can make a Facebook app.


(see sample map)

Uses interactive maps which are synced to archives of Wikipedia, Google News, Time Magazine, and YouTube. RSS feeds and more to come.

AskObama Project

Uses the YouTube Player API to play answers to roughly 200 questions asked of Barack Obama. The user can easily select a question by entering a term into an AutoComplete box. You can also search by property (try date: February or place: Ohio). This page was scripted automatically by my mashup program, Palpable Video.

OpenGov Experiments

Experimenting with uses of Open Government data, from sites such as

Using CSS on XML attributes, so don't try to view with Internet Explorer.



In India, "Panchayati" are local government councils which are comparable to New England's town meetings. This app is an experiment in online project collaboration, particularly for building designs in SketchUp and interactive maps through Google Maps. Ideally I would improve and generalize the application until it can accommodate a broad range of collaborative projects.